The Downfall (Part 3)

Where was I? Okay, so I was living in Oakland with some friends, I was drinking a lot and doing drugs. One night, I guess I drank 2 fifths of Brandy at a park at night. It was directly behind the apartment I was staying at. "S" made a joke about jumping off the bleachers and drunk me said "OKAY!"

The Downfall (Part 2)

After we moved into a downtown studio in Westlake (An urban area just west of downtown LA) I continued working my butt off as a webmaster. Did I forget to mention my HTML/CSS/PHP skills? My bad.

As I was working at home, my fiancee began to disappear more and more often. I should've cared more at the time but honestly, the money for our drugs came first. She told me she was "tutoring young college kids"... I should've known better.

The Downfall (Part 1)

I was homeless for about 5 years.

Heroin. (In case anybody was wondering why)

That stuff can make you feel great even in the worst of times. The problem was that I began my heroin habit while I was doing well in life and eventually it became the worst time of my life.

How Songwriting Saved My Life

Back in '05 I had to drop out of Musicians Institute. I was just a few classes shy of my Bachelors degree too, it was a shame. I was dealing with a lot of different issues:

I watched my best friend try to kill herself in front of me after an all-night coke binge. She was also the singer of my band and I never saw her again after that. Everybody blamed me for it.
I found out my biological father (whom I'd never known) had died after years of me ignoring his wishes to connect with me.